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Issue 670 - 17 April 2015: Opinion

Transport at the polls
Local Transport Today

If there were a prize for the manifesto containing the most imaginative transport proposals, the Greens and Liberal Democrats would be vying for this year’s title. Both are full of new policy initiatives, most with a... continue

In Passing

The Green Party is fielding a number of candidates in the general election who may be familiar names to LTT readers. Jonathan Tyler of consultant Passenger Transport Networks is standing in York Central; Andrew Boswell, who... continue


Transport moves up the agenda
Paul Salveson

This month’s column is written in-between election campaigning. I’m standing for the new pro-devolution party Yorkshire First in the marginal Colne Valley constituency, with six other candidates, reflecting the new world of British politics where none of the old certainties hold. Transport is showing signs of becoming a major election issue, both here on my patch and nationally. Concerns about rail and bus fares, road traffic and... continue

Whose interests do bus Quality Contracts serve – passengers, or town hall politicians?

Whose interests do bus Quality Contracts serve – passengers, or town hall politicians?
Roger Davies

Let’s be clear about this: I care passionately about buses. I care that they carry 67% of all the UK’s public transport users, compared with a mere 16% by train, but receive nothing like the recognition and investment they deserve. I care that they make a huge contribution to the nation’s economy and give employment to many. Most of all I care that they allow millions of people to go about their daily business. So I care deeply... continue

Bikes are route to happiness

Bikes are route to happiness

Ask most people if they would like to live in a place where their children would be able to cycle or walk to school; where people are fitter, healthier and happier; where there was less congestion and better air quality; where shops and restaurants thrive – the resounding answer would, of course, be yes.  Only by defining the destination can we know if the things we are doing – the modes of transport we are using – are... continue

Letters to the Editor

Is there any substance behind the 20’s Plenty slogan?
Sean Corker

After reading the interview with 20’s Plenty for Us founder Rod King, the overriding conclusion to be drawn is how little his views have been... continue

20 isn’t always plenty – let motorists decide safe speeds
Paul Withrington

May I respond to the highly successful but dismally conceived 20’s Plenty for Us campaign by Rod King, which has featured prominently in the last two issues. Doubtless it is easy to persuade mums and dads in housing... continue

Police face an enforcement dilemma on 20mph limits
Malcolm Heymer

There are a few issues raised in the interview with Rod King, the founder of campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us, that I would like to comment on (ibid). I am not going to rehearse the arguments for scientifically set... continue

We need public debates on open access rail applications
Jonathan Tyler

It is an extraordinary commentary on railway policy that the Department for Transport has to write to the Office of Rail Regulation effectively pleading with it not to make a decision that could wreck the finances of the... continue

Road accident investigations will just snarl-up the network
Keith Peat

Do we really need the extension of road accident investigation as proposed by the Road Safety Commission (‘Independent road safety body urged’ LTT?03 Apr)? The proposal to establish a new body to oversee... continue

Councils should restrict longer lorries in urban areas
Phillippa Edmunds

At the moment, the vast majority of the longer lorry trailers are only using the strategic road network outside urban areas (‘No evidence longer lorries are unsafe’ LTT?3 Apr). The key problems with the (up to)... continue