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Issue 666 - 20 February 2015: Opinion

LEPs: why so secretive?
Local Transport Today

Transport featured prominently at last week’s board meeting of the Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership. Members discussed plans to create a combined authority overseeing transport and economic development and... continue


The stations we deserve?
Paul Salveson

The question of how we make more use of small and medium-sized stations has been addressed in these columns on several occasions in the past. As we wait with bated breath for the invitations to tender for the Northern and TransPennine Express franchises, it’s worth thinking a bit more about the potential of these smaller stations. Why? Well, Northern Rail has no less than 463 stations within its estate, more than any other train operating... continue

Roads too dangerous for walking and cycling?  Blame cost benefit analysis

Roads too dangerous for walking and cycling? Blame cost benefit analysis
Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster

I’m currently working on the ‘Near Miss Project’, which looks at how everyday non-injury incidents affect cyclists. The level of carelessness and even hostility many cyclists experience are staggering. A classic example is the MGIF (Must Get in Front) driver. The MGIF driver can’t bear to be behind a cyclist, and even if there isn’t enough room, they’ll squeeze past. They often then get stuck in traffic almost... continue

Letters to the Editor

Westminster council should ignore 20mph campaigners
Malcolm Heymer, Traffic management adviser, Alliance of British Drivers, Dereham, Norfolk NR20

The campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us has highlighted the fact that the City of Westminster had the highest road casualty figure in London in... continue

... continue

Commuters would fume if rail lines were converted for buses
Tiffany Lynch, Tonbridge, Kent TN9

It’s interesting that one of the authors of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ report on converting railways to busways is regular LTT anti-rail correspondent Paul Withrington (‘Times backs think tank call... continue