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  1. What is
  2. Who do I contact if I have a query?
  3. How do I get a password to login?
  4. When I try and read an article,it says my subscription has expired but I know it hasn't!
  5. How much is
  6. Why does the site already recognise my email address?
  7. How do I stop getting jobs or news emails?
  8. How do I have my details deleted from your system?

What is is the ultimate transport research product for the busy professional. 

We offer breaking news and archive content from the leading passenger transport, planning, policy making and modelling trade press, as well as extensive reports libraries and directories.

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Who do I contact if I have a query?

There are 3 key people working on TransportXtra, who are always happy to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Editorial discrepancy?  Unrelated 'related articles'?  Got some content to submit?

Got a suggestion to improve the site? Encountered a (non-subscription related) error?  Display glitch?

Subscription query?

Conference enquiries

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How do I get a password to login?

Chances are, you've already got one... If not, you can get one easily...

  1. Existing LTT, Parking Review subscribers get free access to the site. Simply do a forgotten password reminder. 
  2. You can subscribe here, with prices starting at just £7 + VAT per month.
  3. You can take a free trial using the 'Free trial' tab on the login box at the top of the page.
  4. You can get access to the relevant portions of the site by purchasing a print subscription to Local Transport Today, or Parking Review Magazine.
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When I try and read an article it says my subscription has expired, but I know it hasn't!

Check your subscription status from the right hand menu...

Does it correctly show that your subscription is within the correct dates and with the correct magazines or level of access you should have? If not, are you using the correct email address and password combination? See next...

You must have a Full Access TransportXtra subscription to read all the online content.

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I used to be able to read some articles, but now I can't, why?

Your subscription or free trial period has ended.

LTT/Parking Review readers get 2 weeks (free) access to the other portions of the site before they have to purchase full access separately. If you've got a current subscription to LTT or Parking Review, youare eligible for an upgrade to full online access.

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How much is

Full range of subscription prices are available in the TransportXtra Shop

Call us now to find out how much it will be to  have access for your whole office.

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Why does the site already recognise my email address? is a product of Landor LINKS Ltd.

If you've ever registered on LTTXtra, for LTT or Transit bulletins,, or have a subscription to one of our magazines your login details are stored here for use on

Additionally, if you've attended an LTT, Transit or Parking Review event with Landor Conferences, or have expressed and interest in transport in person,  publically or openly, your details have been gathered here because we think you'll benefit from our product.

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Why can I only login on one PC at a time?

Security.  With your TransportXtra Login you can purchase subscriptions, apply for jobs, and access your full contact details and personal information. 

We want you, and only you, to be able to access those details.  To ensure this, you are logged out automatically if you login on a different PC.

Additional 1id email addresses and passwords for your colleagues can be purchased from the subscription section.

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How do I stop getting jobs or news emails?

Login to the site and select 'Edit Contact Details'.  From there you can uncheck the options to receive jobs and news emails. If you're having a problem please use the contact us page.

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How do I have my details deleted from your system?

We'd recommend that you don't. 

Any subscriptions, job applications or event bookings attached to your email address will unfortunately be deleted along with your account.

There is also the chance, as there will be no record left to prove otherwise, that we add you to the site by accident in the future. 

The best thing to do, is ask us to 'unsubscribe' you and that way you wont be contacted in the future. See "How do I stop getting jobs or news emails?".

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I don't care, I just want my details deleted!

Of course; Please contact us using the contact us page, with your email address, home address, full name and we'll delete your account with immediate effect. 

Please note that by deleting these records, we will have no way of knowing that you do not wish us to contact you again in the future.

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