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Battery EVs may take us down the wrong road – the fuel of the future could be hydrogen

Battery EVs may take us down the wrong road – the fuel of the future could be hydrogen
Peter Dobson, The Queen’s College, Oxford

It is now becoming apparent that there are serious limitations to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) if they are powered with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The range is limited in most cases to around 150 miles and the charging times are long,... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Phil Goodwin

Phil Goodwin

Visitors at the museum: glimpses of life during (and after) the car

It’s been a month of important transport decisions, or at least promises, and with those on Heathrow and Stonehenge still...

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

HS2: a botched scheme from one end to the other
John Helm, Chatham, ME4

While generally in favour of high-speed rail in principle, I can evince little enthusiasm for the HS2 that is now going ahead. In its current form it remains a fundamentally flawed project. It was conceived as a standalone scheme and is very poorly integrated with the rest of the railway network.... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Oakervee’s cost-cutting on HS2 will return to haunt us
William Barter, Towcester Northants NN12

Whilst most of Doug Oakervee’s review of HS2 is rational and welcome, there is considerable confusion in his final report over train services and frequency, suggesting that even this august forum has been devoid of input on operational issues. This is unfortunate, as rail infrastructure is... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

HS2 will reinforce London as the heart of the UK economy
Roger Davies, Kendal LA9

It’s ironic really that the day before the Government’s announcement to go-ahead with HS2, the West Coast Main Line it plans to use north of Preston was closed yet again due to extensive flooding. This included the fields just south of the South Lanarkshire town of Carstairs, where it... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

The last electric bus departed Milton Keynes some time ago
Alan Francis Milton Keynes, Green Party, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13

Your article on the DfT’s new bus funds, including the plan for an all-electric bus town, was accompanied by a picture from Milton Keynes captioned: ‘Electric buses: Milton Keynes already has some’ (‘DfT invites councils to bid for new funds to rejuvenate buses’ LTT?07... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Questions about Cornwall and DfT’s bus initiatives
Roger Sexton, Nottingham, NG1

Your reports about the Government’s new bus funding and Cornwall’s bus network initiative (LTT 07 Feb) leave me asking a number of questions. Firstly, Cornwall Council’s enhanced network seems to involve fare-capping on commercial routes. What legal powers is the council using to... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

In Passing

 The campaign for equal employment opportunities  for women has made huge strides but there are still some peculiar hurdles to overcome, including in the rail industry. For instance, in making preparations for transferring the Core Valley Lines assets from Network Rail to Transport for... continue

21 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

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