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Letters to the editor: Issue 508 28 Nov 2008

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It would be good if cyclists showed a bit more consideration to pedestrians

By Mike Crowhurst, Garforth, Leeds

Speaking as a pedestrian, I found much to sympathise with in Steve Melia’s viewpoint (‘Local authorities have failed: it’s time to transfer the National Cycle Network to the Highways Agency’ LTT?31 Oct). However, as the cycling lobby (excuse the shorthand) so often do, he overshoots in a couple of places (we lobbyists are all guilty of this at times, myself included!) and in consequence he lost my sympathy.

Towards the end of his piece he says “would right-angle...

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4 Dec 2008

Dismount is NOT the same as "stop and give way" . For a car driver it would have to be "get out and push for a few yards" - a sign that I doubt that I will see anytime soon.