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Regular news: Issue 595 27 Apr 2012

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Road management / Maintenance, Northwest England

One highways contract for Gtr Manchester?

The Ten Greater Manchester authorities have agreed to consider jointly procuring and delivering highways services  to  achieve greater efficiencies.

Transport for Greater Manchester told LTT that it is leading a study to identify what the local highway authorities are currently spending on resurfacing materials “to find out if there are variations and consider if there would be savings from having one contract”.

TfGM emphasised that once the study was complete it would be for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to decide whether or not to take forward the idea of joint procurement or joint delivery that the authorities agreed to consider as part of the ‘City Deal’ for the conurbation.

The Government, for its part, agreed to “work positively with Greater Manchester to explore the potential to delegate highway, street and traffic authority powers to GMCA”.

The conurbation’s authorities and the Government stated that such devolution would “enable smoother progress to be made” on “any future highway maintenance procurement scheme” and a proposed conurbation permit scheme. A DfT spokesman told LTT: “We  are awaiting proposals from the  authorities.”

Discuss this an more at LTT's Future of Highways Delivery event in Manchester on the 27 June 2012

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