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Issue 644 - 4 April 2014: Features

The choices: Toton or Derby? Sheffield or Meadowhall?

Serious concerns are raised about the proposed out-of-town HS2 stations at Toton in the East Midlands and Sheffield Meadowhall in a report by consultant Atkins for the HS2 Growth Taskforce.  The Toton station would be... continue

‘Be bolder at Old Oak Common’

The Government’s current plans for a high-speed rail station at Old Oak Common in West London need a major rethink if economic development potential is to be maximised, according to a review by consultant... continue

Appraisal ‘not capturing full benefits of HS2’

The DfT’s appraisal methods fail to capture the full extent of benefits that HS2 will bring, according to the HS2 Growth Taskforce.  “Experience from past major transport investments, none of which have been... continue

Thinking bigger... and smaller... in the world of accessibility planning
Rik Thomas

What is the biggest change in the field of accessibility planning in the past few years? According to Simon Court, projects director at Basemap and a man who has been involved in the development of accessibility planning... continue

Media monitor
Will HS2 make the north-south divide better... or worse?

Will HS2 make the north-south divide better... or worse?
Rik Thomas

THE PUBLICATION of the Sir David Higgins’ report on the HS2 high-speed rail network (LTT 21 Mar) provoked yet another flurry of comment in the media on the need (or otherwise) for the UK to have high-speed rail. “HS2 will be expensive and destructive – but it is the only way to revitalise Britain’s railways,” said Simon Calder, The Independent’s travel editor on 17 March. “The 18 pages of Sir David... continue