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7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Not so smart?

As an illustration of the media’s ability to crystallise an issue in the public mind, last week’s Panorama documentary on smart motorways was a pretty good one. The programme presented harrowing personal testimonies from people who had lost loves ones after their vehicles broke down in... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Rampant car use is the real threat to personal freedom
Chris Todd, Director Transport Action Network Brighton

I was surprised that you felt it worthy to quote Donald Trump claiming the climate agenda is “socialist”, whatever that means (“Climate agenda ‘socialist’” LTT 24 Jan). It would have sat better under the title of ‘Fake News’, rather than... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Descoping HS2 at this stage would be madness
William Barter, Towcester, Northants NN2

Although at the time of writing the full Oakervee review report into HS2 has not been published, thanks to Twitter and the BBC’s Tom Burridge we now have a fair idea what the review concludes. It remains difficult for HS2 Ltd themselves to comment on the unpublished report, but, as an... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

E-scooters and air travel: one unnecessary, the other vital
Roger Davies, Kendal LA9

Thank you to Wayne Moore and David Hicks (Letters LTT 10 & 24 Jan) for their reactions to my comments on e-scooters and much else (Letters LTT 20 Dec 19). The environment is a worldwide and complex issue and there is a fundamental need for discussion.  Wayne asks if I have done any surveys... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Traffic Signs Manual endorses unsafe junction designs
Rik Andrew, London SE6

Despite initially paying lip service to the pedestrians first / drivers last road user hierarchy, Chapter 6 of the Traffic Signs Manual, published by the Government in December, illustrates many bad, old, unsafe designs that have failed to reduce killed and serious injuries and still result in over... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

HS2’s cost is exorbitant, now wait for the eye-watering fares
David Mattinson, Managing director Mattinson Partnership London SE1

There is much debate about the viability of HS2 with  arguments about the potential economic benefits versus the escalating costs. What seems to have been ignored, however, is what the true cost to the consumer will be. Does anyone know how much a train ticket on HS2 is likely to be from... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Fresh thinking needed about rail investment priorities
Tony Bolden Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN16

The continuing debate about the merits of constructing HS2 over the next 20 years conceals what should be a wider discussion about what and where railway investment should take place. This concerns not only the costs of any investment but where it should be located; when it should be built; and... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

Don’t reserve rail fund for reversing Beeching’s cuts
Brian Dalton, Purley Surrey CR8

I was interested by the reaction to the Government’s initiative to revisit the Beeching rail cuts. I noticed that shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald suggested that the £500m pot would only be enough to reinstate 25 miles of track. That may be true but, I suspect, the £500m... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

In Passing

To last week’s Confederation of Passenger Transport annual dinner where transport minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton gave a speech quite unlike any LTT has heard from a minister in recent times. After paying tribute to the CPT’s president Steve Whiteway, (the “recycled”... continue

7 Feb 2020Local Transport Today Comment

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