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Climate assemblies speak for nobody but themselves

John Helm Chatham ME4
01 May 2020

I was alarmed to read that the climate change citizens’ assembly set up by the London Borough of Croydon has decreed that folks not backing the Government’s net zero greenhouse gas emissions target should be “identified and punished” (‘Punish people who don’t back Net Zero’ LTT 3 Apr).

I wonder what they had in mind exactly: burning at the stake for eco-heretics, perhaps? Stocks for the climate sceptics? Or show trials demanding recantation and a one-way trip to the nearest gulag? The mind boggles. 

What crackpot ideas will they come up with next? No doubt they will add a new word to the English language in due course – one probably ending in -ite or -ist – to label anyone who dares to think for themselves, or hold an opinion different to the one they are supposed to have on environmental issues.

Only people who have no confidence in their cause act like this.

Climate assemblies do not represent me or millions of other people. They do not speak for us either, and I very much resent the privileged status they enjoy to pontificate on issues that most of them are unqualified to make. 

They are the nearest things to soviets seen in this country. They can deny it is as much as they like, but these set ups are invariably composed of the usual suspects – i.e. by the self-appointed, self-opinionated and self-serving clique of professional whingers and busybodies – for whom life is simply not complete without their need to micro-manage the affairs of everyone else. Whether that be lecturing us on what we should think, say and do, or how we should travel, eat and spend our money, etc. 

And guided as well, I note, by “special advisers” –  or tinpot commissars to just about everyone else – to make sure they think the right thoughts and vote the right way.

Most mature adults in a civilised country can usually agree to disagree, and leave things at that. They do not  go on to denounce, demonise or dehumanise their opponents. 

But that’s not how eco-warriors see things. The increasingly fanatical and intolerant tactics they use simply betray the fundamentally Marxist nature of this movement; it’s a sign of their unique footprint.

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