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Articles: Issue Issue 27 7 Feb 2012

Alain Flausch, Secretary General UITP

Why is he on the list?

The International Union of Public Transport has become a big hitter in discussing, presenting and promoting a positive future for public transport. Flausch’s appointment as General Secretary from his previous presidency and leading role in Europe as the head of Brussels Transport has lifted it to an even higher level.

What kind of year has he had?

The UITP had a highly successful congress in Dubai, with a further strengthening of its mission to double public transport use. Detailed work on policies has set benchmarks through a range of specialist groups. Flausch then got the job of leading UITP after  a selection process that was not without controversy.

What’s coming up in 2012?

There’s a world of opportunity for Flausch to fly the flag for public transport and its providers.


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