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End of the line: Issue Issue 12 1 Jun 2010

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Happy birthday!


Arriva’s Danish bus subsidiary has recently been undertaking a marketing campaign to highlight bus use. Created by Danish viral marketing agency Kadaver, one aspect of the ‘Bedre Bustur’ campaign saw a bus laced with hidden cameras hit the streets of Copenhagen. Blissfully unaware of them was driver Mukhtar who just happened to be celebrating his birthday.

Then strange things started to happen. First a trumpet player boarded the bus and then the passengers began singing the Danish version of ‘Happy Birthday’. Suddenly the bus was caught up in a student street demonstration - except it wasn’t, as, when they turned around, they revealed banners wishing happy birthday to a clearly emotional Mukhtar.

Successful? Well so far over 1.6 million have watched the YouTube video, equivalent to 25% of Denmark’s population.


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