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Feature Detail: Issue Issue 01 18 Jun 2009

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PTMA 2009 Winner: Industry Ambassador Award

Giles Fearnley
CPT President (2008)

Giles Fearnley’s shrewd business mind has enabled him to make his fortune in the passenger transport business - but he’s given plenty back to the sector as well.

Fearnley has provided strong leadership through example throughout his career in both the bus and rail industries - which he continues to do through his involvement as the CPT’s new chairman, as a director of Transdev in the UK and through his role in Grand Central, the UK open access train operator.

The judges said: “We are delighted to award this year’s Industry Ambassador Award to Giles, for his long-standing work as an ambassador for the public transport industry, which culminated in his immensely successful year as President of the Confederation of Passenger Transport in 2008.

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