Gender on the Agenda: making streets and public space work for everyone

Webinar: 13.00 - 14.15

23 Nov 2021


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"When planners fail to account for gender, public spaces become male spaces by default" - Caroline Criado Perez, Invisible Women

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Chair: Natalie A. Draisin, Director, North American Office & United Nations Representative, FIA Foundation


Aisha Hannibal, Engagement Manager, Living Streets and Amy Foster, Co-ordinator, Croydon Living Streets

Esther Kurland, Head, Urban Design London

Gender Equality Toolkit In Transport team: Laura Brooks, Transport Planner, WSP; Molly Hoggard, Transport Planner, Mott MacDonald & Marie Godward, Transport Planner, TfGM


Opening remarks from Natalie: the international context and global evidence for the the way in which experiences and behaviours are shaped by the physical and social frameworks in which women and girls live and move. Key evidence highlighting the significant impact of the environment on women and girls’ feelings of security and the limited spaces where they feel safe to move 

Esther: Living local?

Given the above, which is a global and societal issue that needs urgent attention, can we - and should we - improve matters by planning for communities that encourage us to live more locally, and how might this positively impact women and girls as well as being climate-friendly?
If each neighbourhood is multi-use, accessible, linked and provides for day to day needs, can it better support families, multi-generational care, local business, flexible child care, start ups and working from home? Women and girls still need to feel safe and welcome when using public spaces and transport, but might this be a better framework within which to promote change?

Amy and Aisha: Croydon Living Streets case study

1 in 5 girls experienced street harassment during lockdown and one third of girls aged 14-17 feel unsafe going to the shop alone The lack of social safety is further compounded by the spatial inequality teenage girls face in parks and green spaces, as the Make Space for Girls campaign highlights
Croydon Living Streets supported teenage girls to understand and reclaim their walking routes and public spaces, developing a toolkit / process to equip participants with tools they could use to mobilise and call for change within their community as active citizens

Laura, Molly and Marie: Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport

The GET IT Toolkit toolkit has three main aims, which are to:

  • Inform: Explain and demonstrate why gender needs to be a key consideration during our work.

  • Support: Provide a practical introduction to gender inequality with clear steps that can be taken to support gender mainstreaming and encourage gender-responsive actions.

  • Mobilise and Unite Action: Join people together from across the transport industry to create a movement and platform for connected thinking, with the goal of making a difference.

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