Cycling and Walking Innovations 2021
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Cycling and Walking Innovations 2021

Our streets, transport infrastructure and public spaces should encourage people to safely walk, scoot and cycle as a means of everyday transport

26 Jan 2021 Virtual Event

Exhibition & seminars
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Our streets, transport infrastructure and public spaces should encourage people to safely walk, scoot and cycle as a means of everyday transport.

As the DfT publishes the second tranche of £175 million for cycling and walking in Active Travel Fund allocations, it also shares survey results revealing that 8 out of 10 people support measures to reduce road traffic, and two-thirds support reallocating road space for active travel.

Cycling and Walking Innovations 2021 is for:

  • Organisations developing products and services that make walking, cycling and scooting more attractive, more inclusive and safer

  • Consultancies and design experts working on active travel infrastructure, design and engineering

  • Businesses, entrepreneurs and starts-ups providing toolkits, data and analytics to help shape active transport policy

  • Innovative local and transport authorities with vision and fresh ideas to showcase

  • Behaviour change and communications pioneers with ideas about embedding community support

If you have any suggestions for presentations, seminars, demos or case studies, then please contact Juliana on by Nov 25

Topics include:

  • the walking and cycling revolution outlined in the July 2020 Gear Change plan, aimed at making England ‘a great walking and cycling nation’, sets out the actions needed to make this a reality
  • better streets for cycling and people
  • cycling and walking at the heart of decision-making
  • empowering and encouraging local authorities
  • enabling people to walk and cycle, and protecting them when they do

This £2 million 'walking and cycling revolution ' has been supported by the £250m Department for Transport's Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) and the Active Travel Fund, which invested in pop-up infrastructure to support cycling and walking during and after the coronavirus pandemic, and by an ongoing review of the Highway Code, which hopes to create a clearly understood and easily enforceable ‘hierarchy of responsibilities' for all road users, and to protect the most vulnerable.

While a focus on new infrastructure, design and engineering is welcome, a series of negative community reactions to some recent EATF / ATF and Low Traffic Neighbourhood installations have shown that meaningful community engagement and robust behaviour change programmes are a key element of successful innovation leading to positive change. Just putting it out there is NOT enough.

All the speakers and exhibitors at Cycling and Walking Innovations 2021 will be making space for innovation, be it through pioneering new designs, ideas, products and services or – importantly – by creating innovation partnerships that transform the current 'policy to procurement' practices that tend to keep innovation off our streets.

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