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Active Travel Ambition: West Midlands Walking and Cycling Conference

Unleashing the potential for walking, wheeling and cycling across the region

25 June 2023


17-18 October, HSBC, 1 Centenary Sq, Birmingham B1 1HQ

This invitation-only two-day event, to be held at HSBC Birmingham, will share knowledge, best practice and insights with West Midlands local authorities and their consultant supply chain about the successful delivery of quality active travel schemes.

It will showcase the skillsets, tools and practices involved in the planning and design of schemes that:

  • integrate active travel alongside public transport
  • reallocate road space to sustainable modes

The event will also showcase some of the best planning and engineering examples from around the country, and provide an opportunity to learn from other practitioners about the challenges and opportunities for active travel.

The invited audience of around 150 will be split between delegates from local authorities and consultants, plus key external stakeholders.

Says Adam Tranter: West Midlands Cycling & Walking Commissioner: "Join us for the "Active Travel Ambition: West Midlands Walking and Cycling Conference", taking place on 17th - 18th October 2023 at the HSBC UK building in Birmingham. This exciting, two-day event will share best practice with local authorities and consulting firms across the West Midlands, working together to help deliver the active travel revolution. 

"Through a series of enlightening presentations, engaging discussions, and interactive workshop activities, delegates will be inspired to develop and implement plans that align with cutting-edge design solutions, thus expanding opportunities for walking and cycling in their communities. The conference will feature a strong lineup of thought leaders and industry pioneers, including Active Travel England leadership and the Mayor's Cycling & Walking Commissioner - discussing topics such as building political will and tackling technical issues in design, construction and maintenance.

"Day 1 will delve into higher-level principles and processes pertinent to all, including decision-makers and policy-influencers, shedding light on the overarching themes of active travel in the region and the vital role it plays in the region's transport plans.

"Day 2 will transition to a more technical focus, offering detailed insights into the practical aspects of creating effective infrastructure and places to enable active travel. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends, application of innovative techniques, and solutions to the challenges they face.

"Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and help usher in a new era of active travel for the West Midlands. Together, we can shape a healthier, greener, and more active region."


The two days will:

  • Inspire delegates to deliver high quality schemes that meet design standards and thereby create attractive environments which increase cycling and walking
  • Understand current and emerging best practice in cycling and walking infrastructure
  • Appreciate how to apply these techniques to schemes they are responsible for or working on
  • Understand how to design multimodal schemes that integrate active travel

Interactivity will be key…

The event will feature a mix of presentations, discussions and workshop activities. In particular, the 18 October will feature a series of practical workshops which delegates will register for in advance.

There will be plenty of time for discussion and developing clear takeaways for implementation – the floor will be open to new ideas in active travel scheme delivery.

This is an invitation-only event, but if you’d like to register interest in attending, please email Daniel Simpson:

Rail Strategy Lead
East Midlands Combined County Authority

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Rail Strategy Lead
East Midlands Combined County Authority

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Assistant Transport Officer
East Midlands Combined County Authority

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