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Embracing electric mobility

Providing EV charging infrastructure provides new opportunities for garage owners and dealers, says Andrew Oakes of Juice UK and Ireland

Andrew Oakes
04 July 2023
Juice booster in action


The spread of electric mobility will bring about a major change: internal combustion engines, once the lifeblood of the automotive industry, will gradually be replaced by electric motors. This transition to electric mobility means that some traditional services, such as engine repair and oil changes, will become obsolete. While this change in the automotive landscape presents challenges for workshop owners, operators and dealers, it also opens up new opportunities.

As driving technology evolves, so must the skills and services offered by these businesses. For example, Juice Technology AG enables garage owners to take advantage of the electric vehicle revolution by providing charging solutions that create new business opportunities and increase profitability. 

Investing in the development of new skills for employees

First and foremost, adaptation requires a profound change in skills requirements. Technicians will need skills in electric vehicle (EV) diagnostics, battery maintenance, and high-voltage systems. Familiarity with advanced electronics and software integration will also be crucial. Investing in training and upskilling the workforce to acquire these skills will position companies at the forefront of the industry.

In addition to basic technical skills, an in-depth knowledge of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is essential. As more people adopt electric vehicles, the demand for charging points will increase accordingly. Garage owners and operators can take advantage of this growing market by offering future-proof charging solutions. 

Provide charging options for use at home and on the go

A robust charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Dealers and garage owners can attract EV customers by investing in charging stations on their premises, while also providing portable charging options. Providing convenient and accessible charging options will give customers confidence and allay any concerns they may have about running out of power during longer journeys.

Offering solutions that make charging as easy on the road as it is at home is an important start. Portable charging stations, like the Juice Booster 2 – a 3-in-1 device – that support charging at home, on public chargers as well as on the road can give consumers great peace of mind. 

Integrating charging solutions

Working with an expert partner can be strategic to enhance the commercial offering. As a manufacturer of charging stations and a world leader in the development of portable chargers, we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of residential and commercial customers. By adding charging solutions to their portfolio, operators will be able to meet the changing needs of electric vehicle owners, build customer loyalty and increase revenue streams.

Becoming an industry leader

The main challenge is to put the skills acquired at the service of the customer by becoming the first point of contact between electric car owners and everything related to the world of electric vehicles. Not only car maintenance but also the ability to offer charging solutions adapted to the needs of the users, insurance and financial products specifically for EVs or installers of photovoltaic systems up to the proposal of vehicles for companies and private individuals.

By combining technical expertise with a well-established network to connect potential customers with the parties involved in the electric system through a holistic approach, the aim is to create an EV competence centre for everything related to the purchase of an electric vehicle. This is clearly a great business opportunity.

Andrew Oakes is director of Juice UK and Ireland

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