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Ben Colson: Issue 298 10 Nov 2006

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Our buses are in gridlock, and so are our roads

With the prospect of re-regulation hanging over it, Ben Colson believes that the bus industry is in gridlock. However, a recent nightmare journey on the M6 showed him that the road network is suffering from gridlock too

By Ben Colson

I visited Euro Bus Expo 2006 on Tuesday, and was one of the 3,500 visitors to the Birmingham NEC to arrive that morning. Was I impressed? Well, sort of. Full marks go to the organisers for their attempt to build it into a truly international show. But whilst it attracted a good number of visitors, I could not help  but notice the extent to which exhibitors seemed not to be doing business. And, as the chairman of one of the UK’s major bus manufacturers said to me, we need some quick...

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