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What is a 1id?

1id email addresses and passwords are issued by, and  If you have already registered on any of those websites, you can use those login details to login to this site.

When you take a free trial or subscribe to you receive a 1id username and password  to use here, and on and

If you've already registered separately on any of the sites, and have more than one login, click here to merge them and use password for all the sites.

What's the difference between the black and white 1ids?

White Jobseeker/subscriber 1id White 1ids enable you to access restricted editorial content and setup email newsletters on as well as setup job emails and apply for jobs on and
Black 1id for employers and advertisers Black 1ids are issued to advertisers and employers who post jobs, banners or profiles with, or

These grant access to banner click-through rates, job views and applicants CV's.  Don't forget, 1id: all sites.  You can login to check your advertisements success on any site displaying the 1id badge.