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Place & Movement

Place & Movement

Doing more with less: joining the transport and planning dots

20 Nov 2012
** Last chance to book **

Our November 20 event, Place & Movement, offers an excellent opportunity to take the lead in setting the agenda for creating more resilient, smarter and activity-friendly places.

What we do really know about how we use our urban centres – now and in the future?

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John Dales, event chair: 'Having professionally witnessed the failures of grade-separated approaches to urban planning, all talk of flyovers, flyunders and pathways in the sky is a demonstration that car-centric thinking is, sadly, not only alive but kicking....' This event will explore:

  • Analysing town centre 'spend by mode'
  • The truth about parking: pricing, policy, models and management
  • Post-Portas review: real places or reality TV? What have we learned?
  • How important are cars to places, really?
  • New attitudes to car ownership and use
  • Mapping, wayfinding and future urban information systems
  • Future urban mobility: planning for change

Speakers include:

    John Dales, Urban Movement @ Urban Initiatives Chair’s introduction – Back to the Futurism:Are we going back to the 1960s in how we conceive transport provision?

    Dr John Bates, Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London Spaced Out: perspectives on parking policy from the co-author of the 2012 RAC Foundation report

    Nick O'Donnell Strategic Transport, London Borough of Ealing How changes to movement are designed to improve place in the context of the Southall Big Plan

    David Marlow, director, Third Life Economics The economics of place: seeking a real policy response: Why short term measures like Portas pilots are distracting local authorities from real challenges, and what the real place and movement policy response should be

    Greg Marsden, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds The evidence base for parking policies Plus: innovative transport policies and the assessment of the sustainability

    Nick Lester, Corporate director, Services at London Councils: Assessing available data on the impact of parking availability on the prosperity of town centres

    Tracy Ross, Loughborough University, Ideas in Transit project team Links between lifestyles and personal travel in the face of continuing social and technological change

    Scott Le Vine, Imperial College, London The impact of car clubs, car sharing and developing joint public transport / car club products, and integrating new data into wider transport data collection efforts

    Cennydd Bowles, user experience designer and Twitter consultant The future of wayfinding Boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are becoming blurred, and we need new approaches to wayfinding, information scent, and navigation. Design systems that allow users to orientate themselves, understand the choices available, and feel at home

    Peter Warman, FWT Public transport information within urban design: case studies from Norfolk /Norwich City Councils

    Terry Painter, Chair, Margate Town Team & Portas Pilot Town Team member

    Issues from the event will be taken forward and developed across future Landor LINKS events, networks and publications.

    Projects are underway that demonstrate excellent practice, and significant funding streams exist to seed money for new developments.


    Place & Movement will examine and disseminate these best practice exemplars and opportunities.

    Delegate Rates:

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