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Issue 362 - 15 May 2009: Opinion
Letters to the Editor

It’s Bus Rapid Transit and - not versus - light rail
Simon Posner,Chief Executive, Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, London

I was disappointed to read a reference to “competing light rail alternatives” in Transit’s review of the Bus as Rapid Transit... continue

A new role for publicly owned local bus companies?
Keith Moffatt

Your article (Transit May 1) advocated reform of the remaining local authority-owned bus companies, but I felt the focus was too narrow. I believe that performance varies just as much across private sector companies. But... continue

In Passing

Come on you reds

It’s not uncommon to hear of Premier League footballers splashing out on the latest sportscar or gizmo, but Manchester United ace Cristiano... continue

Billionaire bin lorry driver

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson drew the rath of the RMT union this week following the release of a new Virgin Trains TV advert that features a cameo... continue