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Light Rail/Tram News Lead Story: Issue 348 24 Oct 2008

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Boris undecided on Cross River Tram while TfL urged to look at all options

By Meera Rambissoon

London mayor Boris Johnson has said that he is a fan of trams but his mind is not yet made up on the fate of the Cross River Tram, which would connect Brixton and Peckham, with Euston and Camden Town.

Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Caroline Pidgeon said that Johnson “made a lot of positive noises” about the tram proposals at a meeting of the Cross River Partnership, earlier this week. She added: “I’m also pleased he’s not averse to the possibility of...

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29 Oct 2008

A message from Valerie Shawcross, who replied to me having read the article, has pointed out that it was a Cross party delegation which she initiated and which included Conservative representation (Westminste Council) too, so she is sorry to see a report written almost entirely from a Lib Dem press release! "A bit naughty and it's perhaps more helpful to stress the Cross Party support for the scheme!

Graham Feakins