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Issue 276 - 7 April 2015: Opinion

House of Commons debates private parking enforcement
The enforcement of parking on private land was the subject of a debate in the House of Commons on 16 March. Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for the... continue

CarParkAt inspired by for parking awards victory

CarParkAt inspired by for parking awards victory
Ben Jones and Brian Goodwin

Just a quick note to say thanks again for hosting such a great Parking Awards on Friday. I really enjoyed the event – a brilliant opportunity to meet more people in the parking industry. Finally, a huge thanks for the... continue

British Parking Awards are best networking event for parking professionals
Andy Cummins

I have watched The Parking Awards grow from strength to strength over the years and I believe that it is without doubt the best networking opportunity available to parking professionals today. We are delighted to attend the... continue

Is it sensible to have two government departments overseeing parking policy?
Manny Rasores de Toro

I am concerned that having two separate government departments responsible for parking on-street and of-street could result in an even less coherent parking policy and service delivery than presently and as a result will... continue

Perception that parking charges affect retail is not accurate
Nick Lester

London Councils has surveyed town centre businesses and, while many retailers believe that parking and parking charges are a major reason for town centre declines, the reality is very different. For most customers the... continue