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Issue 271 - 24 October 2014: Opinion

Parking World showcases innovative thinking
Mark Moran
Robot cars, smartphone apps and trend analysis software will all be discussed at Parking?World this month. However, the human side of parking will... continue


Like sticks and stones, words hurt
The aggressive tone of much national media reporting has become a matter of concern to the British Parking Association (BPA), which is calling on the... continue

Protecting staff must be a priority for the parking sector
Press and television coverage of parking often demonises parking staff as ‘pirates’ and ‘cowboys’, creating a hostile climate... continue


Transport minister warns councils not to use contract law off-street
Robert Goodwill

Local authority car park enforcement I understand that some of you are intending to withdraw your off-street parking operations from the parking enforcement framework in the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) so that... continue

Councils should be able to use ANPR off-street, says BPA
Patrick Troy

Local authority car park enforcement A number of BPA members have passed to me a copy of your letter dated 16 September to them relating to the above. As you know, the BPA has been referring to this issue for the past two... continue


What about the landowner’s rights?
Grahame Rose
A plethora of articles have recently been published in the national press berating parking operators, calling them ‘cowboys’, talking... continue