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Products & Services: Issue Issue 23 1 Sep 2011

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National fixmytransport complaints site launched

A new website and mobile service has been launched by not-for-profit technology group mySociety to enable the public to report complaints about transport services more easily and build momentum for change.

The site allows the public to report issues with any aspect of transport services in the UK to the relevant organisation by automatically identifying the company, local authority or agency responsible for the problems at any location in the country entered by the user. Complaints and responses are recorded on the site with members of the public and independent experts able to provide advice, as well as the organisation to which complaints are directed.

My society believes that the site will encourage operators and local authorities to be more proactive in dealing with complaints because “a transport company that doesn't respond to one person may very well respond to ten”, especially if issues are aired publicly.  FixMyTransport also offers users the opportunity to rally support for persistent problems, by creating a campaign page which other transport users can then put their names to and lobby for changes.

Data used in constructing the site has been drawn from the National Public Transport Data Repository (NPTDR), which provides route names, stops and operators - over 300,000 bus, train, tube and tram stops are represented on individual pages. Dozens of volunteers have also helped ‘crowdsource’ the contact details of hundreds of operators, to make sure problem reports go to the right place. Additionally, many transport providers were invited to visit the site prior to launch, and their feedback has informed its fine-tuning. One result of their input is that users can now leave praise as well as complaints.

The FixMyTransport concept builds on the model for My Society’s sister site which has been copied around the world, from Brazil to South Korea.

Mysociety Director Tom Steinberg presenting morning plenary at Travel 2020

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