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End of the line: Issue Issue 17 15 Nov 2010

NB4L pole assault


The media poured en-masse into the London Transport Museum’s Acton Depot in mid-November to view the full-size mock-up of Boris Johnson’s New Bus for London project. And it was clear that Boris was as happy as a sand boy to see a full scale recreation of his election pledge, sorry, pet project. But perhaps he was a little too enthusiastic?

Jumping on the back of the mock-up he firmly grasped the centre pole which, perhaps inevitably given that it is still a mock-up made of lots of fibreglass and MDF, promptly gave way.

Luckily the mayor provided to be quite the DIY expert. Quickly replacing the pole back into its slot he exclaimed: “I can assure you that won’t happen on the real thing!”

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