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Rail News: Issue Issue 14 17 Aug 2010

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Rail fares set to rise 5.8%

Rail fares are set to rise by at least 5.8% in January 2011 and passenger groups fear that the increase could be even higher following the government's current review of fares policy. The DfT is considering  increasing the current RPI+1% cap as part of measures to cut the railway's subsidy requirement. The scale of the January rise, which is governed by RPI figures in July, became apparent today with the announcement that inflation rose to 4.8% last month.

Passenger Focus urged the government and train operators to show restraint. "Passengers continue to tell us their top priority for improvement on the railway is better value for money," Ashwin Kumar, Passenger Focus rail director, said. "With the whole country feeling nervous about our economic prospects, passengers will expect train companies to show restraint next January. Now is not the time for train companies to sweat passengers off the train."


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