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Articles: Issue 545 17 Jun 2010

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Product description:

CarShare Online is for organisations wanting to promote car sharing amongst their staff - to encourage ‘green travel’. CarShare Online allows employees wishing to share journeys to contact others who live near to them and who travel at similar times of day. It works automatically by using a company’s email system, ensuring security for those using the system. The software has user-friendly interfacing and uses digital mapping to locate potential sharers.

Date current version released:

Web service development and releases real time

Support offered:

There are two installation options: by accessing a secure server via an internet web browser; or having the system installed on your company intranet. The former method enables the system to be updated automatically and seamlessly with improvements to the current system. Both methods have high levels of access security. The Licence fee depends upon the number of employees in the organisation and includes 1 year’s support and maintenance. Additional onsite training can be provided.

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Supplier contact details:

TRL Software, Crowthorne House

Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham

Berkshire RG40 3GA

Tel: +44 (0) 1344 770758

Fax: +44 (0) 1344 770864


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