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Product description:

Accession/Sugar Access is used for accessibility analysis of the transport system with regard to accessibility to the transport services themselves and to local destinations, e.g. public services such as hospitals.

It measures accessibility to and from any point based on travel costs through highway and public transit networks. This plug-in quickly provides an accessibility-mapping overlay on any background map.

Sugar Access is the new ESRI ArcGIS based version of Accession.

Date program first released:

2004, Current version 2009

Support offered:

Email, phone, fax, web based user forum, regional user conferences, UK training on demand, on-site options, more details on

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Other information:

Runs on standard PCs and any Windows system from Windows XP. Cube Cluster makes use of multiple processors

Supplier contact details:

Citilabs Regional Director

Tor Vorraa -

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