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Issue 654 - 22 August 2014: Opinion

Bid for A, deliver B
Local Transport Today

The New Forest National Park Authority’s decision this week to scrap plans for a public bike hire scheme in the forest raises important questions about the way the DfT manages its competitive funding streams in local... continue

In Passing

 As the ‘driverless’ car seems to move ever-closer to making an appearance on Britain’s roads, an interesting question has been posed by the technology page on the BBC’s website – to whit,... continue

High-speed across t’Pennines? The North says ‘Aye’

High-speed across t’Pennines? The North says ‘Aye’
Paul Salveson

The Chancellor of the Exchequer made a remarkable speech in Manchester on Monday 23 June. He set out a vision for a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ that could include a new high-speed route across the Pennines – quickly dubbed ‘HS3’. The day after his Manchester speech he wrote in The Yorkshire Post: “We’ve done a lot – but we must do much more to connect our northern cities. We need an ambitious plan to... continue

Budget cuts don’t have to signal journey’s end for tendered bus services...

Budget cuts don’t have to signal journey’s end for tendered bus services...

All councils are facing severe budget problems and are likely to do so for several years to come. Every month we hear of another area drastically cutting its tendered bus service network. The recent Campaign for Better Transport survey shows that 46% of authorities reduced their expenditure in this area during 2013/14. The Passenger Transport Executive Group predicts a reduction in annual expenditure of £500m over the four years from 2010,... continue

Letters to the Editor

York should pay back all the PCNs issued on Lendal Bridge
Andrew Fraser, Stirling FK8

Perhaps I am being over-sensitive, in a world that seems to be becoming coarser by the day, but is there not something distasteful about the... continue

Chasing performance targets can skew organisational focus
Vanessa Kovacevic, Suffolk IP28

It is obvious, as both Peter Mackie and Phil Goodwin agree (LTT 11 Jul & 08 Aug), that there is a need to assess the effectiveness of the new form of the Highways Agency. What is not clear is how this should be done.... continue

A network of high-speed rail services to serve Britain
Tony Bolden, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16

In the ongoing discussions about HS2 and HS3 little has been said about the type of services and the destinations likely to be served by high-speed trains. Rail North has put forward a programme for how services in the North... continue