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Issue 660 - 14 November 2014: Opinion

Cycleways: super, or not?
Local Transport Today

Consultation closed last week on Transport for London’s plans for two cycle superhighways across central London featuring extensive segregated cycle lanes. The projects are flagships for London mayor Boris... continue

In Passing

In the Commons debate on bus policy last week  Labour MPs were quick to dig up the alleged Margaret Thatcher quote that a man who finds himself on a bus after the age of 25 can consider himself a failure. Veteran... continue

Community rail: supporting small  town regeneration

Community rail: supporting small town regeneration
Paul Salveson

In a few weeks’ time we should see what the Government and its local authority partners have in mind for the new Northern and TransPennine Express franchises. The invitations to tender (ITTs) to the short-listed bidders will be issued before Christmas and will set out what the Government wants from these two major, and highly complementary, operations. When the DfT and its partners Rail North issued the prospectus for the Northern... continue

We’ve made mistakes with multi-modal transport studies – but don’t dismiss their benefits

We’ve made mistakes with multi-modal transport studies – but don’t dismiss their benefits
Jo Baker, Mott MacDonald

As a veteran of the last three major waves of multi-modal studies I cannot argue with the DfT view that they have not delivered the desired outcome, but I do not agree that the principle of the multi-modal study is fundamentally flawed (‘Multi-modal transport planning hasn’t delivered benefits – DfT’ LTT 31 Oct). I believe we can learn valuable lessons from previous exercises, which may inform and improve the way we... continue

Letters to the Editor

Slowing everyone down does not deliver safer roads
Malcolm Heymer, Alliance of British Drivers, Dereham, Norfolk NR20

Without wishing to add to Iain Reeve’s boredom with the speed camera debate (Letters LTT 31 Oct), I feel that he is rather missing the... continue

Introduce compulsory driver re-testing to make roads safe
Richard Evans, London SW20

Iain Reeve reminds us that the vast majority of road crashes – between 90% and 99% – are caused by human error (ibid). At the other end of the scale, just 2% of road crashes are caused by vehicle defects. That... continue

Speed cameras: the lazy road safety ‘solution’
Andrew Fraser, Stirling FK8

In the last edition Iain Reeve concludes that “speed cameras are one of the best things we have for tackling the main root cause of [road accidents] – people making mistakes”. Quite how he arrives at that... continue

The safety benefits of speed cameras: zilch, zero, zippo
Idris Francis, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32

Statistics is sometimes defined as a method of drawing a straight line between an unproven assumption and a foregone conclusion but Mr Reeve (ibid) jumps from one to another without any statistics at all. As an engineer I... continue

Speed cameras are still used as revenue-raising devices
Keith Peat, Drivers’ Union, Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire LN12

As an ex-police officer who has prosecuted many drivers and completed many STATS19 forms, I am sorry that Iain Reeve finds the unnecessary prosecution of hundreds of thousands of perfectly safe drivers “boring”... continue

We’re not re-visiting road pricing – Cambs

Cambridgeshire County Council has ruled out examining road pricing in its new study of access to Cambridge (LTT 31 Oct).  A council briefing paper on the study states: “Within Cambridge itself, it is expected that... continue