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Issue 658 - 17 October 2014: Opinion

Next stop: the courts
Local Transport Today

The North East Combined Authority is expected to decide next week to press ahead with a bus Quality Contract Scheme for Tyne and Wear. If it does so then what follows is likely to be many months, and probably years, of legal... continue

In Passing

The Alliance of British Drivers has just named Bristol City Council the ‘Worst council for drivers and mobility choice’, citing the city’s parking policies, blanket 20mph speed limits, and preferential... continue

English devolution:  An idea whose time has come

English devolution: An idea whose time has come
Paul Salveson

The Scottish Referendum was an exciting affair. I was in Dundee during those heady days prior to the vote, in the place that became known as ‘Yes City’. Around 57% of Dundonians voted for Scotland to become an independent country. The aftermath of the referendum and its substantial ‘No’ vote doesn’t seem to have dimmed the enthusiasm for ‘The 45%’ who voted for independence. The effect of what was a... continue

Letters to the Editor

Cars enhance the quality of life – even for many Londoners
Sean Corker, Alliance of British Drivers, Manchester M41

I have no doubt there are numerous individuals and organisations that would agree with Rosalind Readhead’s proposal to ban cars in London but... continue

Banning cars from London: an impractical dream
Francis King, Transport consultant, Bath BA2

Ms Readhead’s suggestion for banning private cars from London is interesting but I feel ultimately flawed   (ibid). Her proposal is to ban private cars from London altogether, not just in the centre, something... continue

Speed cameras have damaged the road safety agenda
Andrew Fraser, Stirling FK8

Tiffany Lynch suggests, quite rightly, that we get back to basics on road safety (Letters LTT 19 Sep). But what are these basics? Surely not those Tiffany suggests?  I’d agree that if it looks like a speed camera... continue