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Issue 655 - 5 September 2014: Opinion

Devolution debate returns
Local Transport Today

As the Scottish independence referendum campaign enters its final stage, there is a growing appetite south of the border for a debate about devolving more power from Whitehall. It’s not that long ago since the topic... continue

In Passing

  What is the benefit:cost ratio for the Highways Agency’s A556 dual carriageway improvement scheme, just approved by ministers? A straightforward question but the answer is anything but. Here’s what the... continue

Taxi operators need to embrace, not obstruct, the urban mobility revolution

Taxi operators need to embrace, not obstruct, the urban mobility revolution
Drummond Gilbert, Alastair Thompson & Giles Bailey, GoCarShare

As our cities grow and sustainability and environmental concerns become core to providing robust, pleasant and competitive places to live and work, mobility is changing. This is also changing the role of taxis and other shared vehicles. The role of a number of the existing providers, such as the black cabs in London, New York’s famous yellow cabs and even the local private hire/ minicab vehicles in a UK provincial town is being challenged.... continue

Letters to the Editor

Holding the mayor to account on extending DLR to Bromley
Colin Smith, Deputy leader and executive councillor for environment, London Borough of Bromley, Bromley BR1

Your article on boosting rail access in south east London (‘Tube, DLR, trams or Overground: how to boost south east London rail access?’... continue

ASA’s electric car ad ruling flouts its own guidelines
Paul Withrington, Director, Transport-Watch, Northampton NN2

In May of last year Transport-Watch lodged a complaint against an advert placed by Renault, which claimed that the official fuel consumption for the Renault ZOE range of electric cars was “not applicable” and... continue

Regression to the Mean? What nonsense!

Death and injury on the roads has been a scourge of society since before even the invention of the motor car. Officials, campaigners and vehicle manufacturers have all, in their own way, sought to reduce the impact of road... continue

Speed cameras are useless: here’s the proof

Regression to the mean (RTM) has been well understood for a hundred years and is clearly visible in any graph of road accidents, so the fact that supposedly expert authors of successive reports deliberately ignored its... continue

Researchers’ method is unsuitable for commercial application
John Mooney is a retired physicist, who has worked in fire safety research.

The recent papers by researchers from Newcastle University and the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative have determined that mobile speed cameras cut casualties but, as highlighted in the last issue of LTT, some questions need... continue