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Issue 675 - 26 June 2015: Opinion

Sharing an open agenda

It is now nearly 20 years since the Transport Planning Society was established as a self-contained body for the profession. It’s in some ways remarkable to look back at the fact that when it was set up there was no... continue

Look around and you’ll see some places have succeeded in   land-use/transport integration

Look around and you’ll see some places have succeeded in land-use/transport integration
Andrew Allen

Inertia is arguably the most powerful force in land-use planning. Planners and architects alike have long recognised the tendency to replicate existing types of development regardless of the negative consequences on the environment, sense of place, and the economy.  From Clone Towns to Subtopia, the car has been integral to creating this spreading uniformity. The last 40 years have seen a stream of often bland, near-identical housing... continue

Letters to the Editor

How to get lost easily: visit a new housing development
Philip Bisatt

I refer to the letter from Brian Dalton regarding the provision for cyclists and buses in housing estates (Letters LTT 12 Jun). Mr Dalton appears not... continue

Golden rules for evaluating transport projects
Vanessa Kovacevic

It is good to see that the need for post-opening evaluations is being highlighted by the DfT (‘DfT acts to improve evaluations of transport project performance’ LTT 12 Jun). In several years working in Highways... continue

20mph limits will only work with vehicle speed limiters
Francis King

Keith Peat believes that speed limits should be set professionally (Letters LTT 12 Jun). As a qualified and experienced transport engineer, so do I.  The correct method has always been the 85th-percentile system. This... continue

Bad driving standards cause crashes, not accidents
Chris Oldham

While I’m pleased to see that Keith Peat has responded to my letter about road “accidents”, I am surprised at some of his comments (ibid). He pleads that dropping a valuable vase should be seen as an... continue

Journalist should go back to school for physics lessons
Idris Francis

In Media Monitor you quote a piece by Haley Birch, in The Guardian on the topic, ‘Do 20mph speed limits actually work?’  Ms Birch wrote: “To reduce casualties they [20mph limits] have to reduce speed,... continue