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Issue 677 - 24 July 2015: Opinion

Call in the lawyers
Local Transport Today

The Urgenda case may not mean much to many people in the UK yet but if environmental groups get their way, it could have significant implications for the delivery of certain big pieces of carbon dioxide-generating transport... continue

When it comes to complaining about bus services, too many cooks definitely spoil the broth!

When it comes to complaining about bus services, too many cooks definitely spoil the broth!
Peter Kay

The bus industry (with exceptions!) exhibits a famously poor customer interface, notably its complaint services, which often don’t reply at all, or produce waffle ignoring the hard issues. From 1998 Bus Users UK (BUUK)/the Bus Appeals Body (BAB) at last provided a ‘complaints appeal’ system equivalent to what rail users had long enjoyed. In 2009, when Passenger (now Transport) Focus was being given new bus responsibilities, a... continue

Letters to the Editor

GVA and CBA appraisals work side-by-side in West Yorks
Paul Roberts, Transport Fund portfolio manager, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds LS1

The article on the work of Professor Peter Mackie and Tom Worsley on how to make transport appraisal more relevant to the real economy is very... continue

20’s Plenty’s legal threats to York are groundless
Idris Francis, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32

As long ago as 1791 Tom Paine set out in The Rights of Man one of the most important principles of freedom and democracy, yet one that campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us seems unable to grasp (‘Removing 20mph... continue

20mph campaigners are misguided, but they’ll still win
Paul Withrington, Director, Transport-watch, Northampton NN2

Ian Gillies, York’s cabinet member for transport and planning, is quite wrong to say that “if residents of Acacia Avenue say a 20mph limit made a big difference who am I to argue?” (ibid).   Firstly,... continue

Chains of cyclists – a new source of delay for rural drivers
Phil Sulley, Yalding, Kent ME18

In mid-Kent, and I assume in other rural areas, we have increasing numbers of long strings of cyclists. On our many narrow, winding roads they can dominate the road, and delay other traffic significantly. I would suggest... continue

Madness: the NHS needs cash, but HS2 continues untroubled
Roger Davies, Kendal LA9

Catching up on post-holiday reading, I was struck by the juxtaposition of two stories on page three of LTT 675 (26 Jun): “McLouglin shunts major rail electrification schemes into the sidings” and “HS2... continue

The UK opportunities for ultra-light rail are enormous
John Parry, Parry People Movers Ltd, Cradley Heath, West Midlands B64

Your comment column on ultra-light rail in the last issue ends by asking what is the potential market size for the technology in the UK (‘Any takers for ultra-light rail?’ LTT 10 Jul). Many in the rail industry... continue

Comment Extra

Sustrans and the evolution of the active travel business

The development of the transport charity Sustrans reflects the evolution of sustainable transport as a concept and business over the past 40 years. Founded in Bristol in 1977 as Cyclebag, by a local group of cyclists and... continue