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Issue 671 - 1 May 2015: Opinion

Safety in a mobile culture
Local Transport Today

The deaths of two pedestrians in separate collisions with vehicles on a busy street in Swansea city centre is provoking a renewed debate about street design. Although there is nothing at this stage to suggest mobile... continue

In Passing

Whilst waiting for a Green Man at a busy pedestrian crossing in heavy rain, LTT  has sometimes wondered why no one has suggested linking traffic signal settings to local weather conditions. Why not, for instance, reduce... continue

London should abandon its rail fixation – busways can help the capital grow at lower cost

London should abandon its rail fixation – busways can help the capital grow at lower cost
Christopher Jolly

With London’s population forecast to grow substantially, from 8.6 million now to ten million in 2030, the capital’s mayor, Boris Johnson, makes the case for major transport investment, including construction of Crossrail 2, costing an eye-watering £27bn, and taking at least 15 years to build. The mayor’s words echo those of Sir Peter Hendy, the capital’s transport commissioner, who has warned that London’s... continue

Letters to the Editor

What the bus industry must do to head-off franchising risk
Sir Peter Hendy CBE, London’s Transport Commissioner, Windsor House, London SW1H

Roger Davies says he cares passionately about buses (‘Whose interests do bus Quality Contracts serve – passengers, or town hall... continue

Bus re-regulation is vital for improving public spaces
Roger Sexton, Nottingham NG1

One thing struck me very forcibly when reading about the London Borough of Waltham Forest’s proposal for a ‘Mini-Holland’ in Walthamstow Village (‘Mini-Holland plan seeks to change the way residents... continue

Ethical behaviour is core to the Transport Planning Society
Martin Richards TPP, Director for skills, Transport Planning Society, Dorking, Surrey

The Transport Planning Society shares Gordon Stokes’ call for transport planners to work in compliance with a code of ethics (Viewpoint LTT 3 Apr). It is committed to raising professional standards through its... continue

Buses deserve a higher speed limit than cars
Stephen Plowden, London NW1

The idea of a 20mph speed limit on residential streets is now widely accepted, but Rod King is quite right to press for 20mph to become the default limit in built-up areas (‘King anticipates the day when 20mph limits... continue