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Issue 672 - 15 May 2015: Opinion

Victory for the North?
Local Transport Today

Fresh from last week’s Tory General Election victory, the Chancellor, George Osborne, headed to Manchester this week to re-affirm his commitment to the Northern Powerhouse and to the devolution of transport and other... continue

In passing

As this column reported last month, the big transport battle in this year’s General Election came in the Yorkshire seat of Colne Valley, where former Carplus chief executive Chas Ball was representing the Greens... continue


All power to the imagination: reflections on politics and community rail
Paul Salveson

A few of my fellow Yorkshire First candidates met up on Friday evening to review our election performance and have a nice pint of best (Yorkshire, naturally) bitter in one of Wakefield’s many fine pubs. It was, as we say up here, ‘siling it down’ and it wasn’t just the walk back to Kirkgate station that got us drenched. It was even raining inside our ‘Pacer’ as we bounced our way back towards Huddersfield,... continue

If we want Dutch levels of cycling, we need to provide Dutch levels of cycle parking

If we want Dutch levels of cycling, we need to provide Dutch levels of cycle parking
Peter Siemensma, Royal HaskoningDHV

As a ‘Dutchie’ living and cycling in London, I have experienced that cycle storage, apart from safe infrastructure, is still a big challenge. Where to store my bike? I asked this question to many estate agents when I moved to London last year. Just a few of the many apartments I viewed had space for one bike, and although some newly-built apartments did have a bike shed very few could be said to provide a truly convenient place to... continue

Letters to the Editor

How to communicate uncertainty to decision-makers
Miles Logie, Minnerva, Windermere LA23

Phil Goodwin’s comments on the variability of DfT road traffic forecasts (LTT 1 May) include reference to Tom van Vuren’s question on how... continue

Is Norfolk’s holdall smartcard really a great leap forward?
Roger Sexton, Nottingham NG1

While reading your very comprehensive report on Norfolk’s transport policies, I was immediately struck by the apparently huge potential of the ‘holdall’ smartcards, which the county is introducing on its... continue

Road accidents are just that, so let’s not call them crashes
Andrew Fraser, Stirling FK8

While I do not entirely agree with Messrs Corker, Withrington and Heymer, it was refreshing to see that we are not all entirely blinded by the emotional rhetoric of the 20mph lobby (Letters LTT?17 Apr). I, too, have long... continue