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Regular news: Issue 599 22 Jun 2012

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Modelling World 2012

Local Transport Today

New tools, techniques and processes are emerging which bring a new modelling & visualisation solutions at lower cost. There are new ways to use data to model, measure, map and analyse.

This year, Modelling World is doing more than take a simple step further but taking a committed leap to bring this new picture together.

Join us at Modelling World 2012 and learn what you’ll need to thrive it this fast-evolving environment!

Questions that will be answered:

  • Do major changes in travel demand mean major changes in modelling?

  • How do we model for an irrational and fast-changing world?

  • Is extrapolating currently observed behaviour patterns and values still helpful?

  • How should we model for smarter travel choices?

  • How can we best make use of the data explosion to improve analytic capability?

  • How do we deliver value for money, based on the best evidence?

Special focus on expanding analytic capability: the availability of rich, real-time, and remote data has major implications for the ways in which transport modellers visualise and predict the 'smart city' for investment and infrastructure planning.

Find out how leaders in the field from MIT's Senseable City Lab, UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, TfL and leading consultants are exploring ways to turn the data explosion into an analytical big bang, for example Singapore's pioneering real-time city project using data from cameras, communication devices, microcontrollers and sensors to imagine, monitor, and understand how our cities move and live...

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Free Smart Cities expo
: The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL is building a science of cities from a multidisciplinary base, drawing on cutting edge methods and ideas in modelling, complexity, visualisation and computation. The CASA mini-media exhibition 'An Outlook Tower for the 21st Century' will be on show at Modelling World 2012. Register free

We'll also be learning from other disciplines involved with making viable plans today for an uncertain tomorrow:

  • Retail planning and predictive modelling solutions used by major global organisation

  • Understanding behaviiour patterns using transaction data

  • Airport demand modelling and forecasting

  • Innovative simulation for rail hubs

  • New tools and processes for pinpointing the value of urban activity

  • Understanding and predicting human decision making in times of uncertainty

Risk-averse politicians, policy-makers and investors are increasingly calling for robust evidence on which to base strategies for promoting growth and maximising investment potential.

Join us at Modelling World 2012: explore an emerging world of innovative models, tools, processes for developing the place and movement evidence base.


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