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Issue 677 - 24 July 2015: News
Cornwall poised to become first rural council to franchise buses

Cornwall poised to become first rural council to franchise buses
Andrew Forster

The Government has pledged to give Cornwall Council the power to introduce bus franchising by 2018. The pledge is contained in a  devolution deal signed last week by the Government, the council, and the Cornwall and... continue

West of England councils back re-opening passenger rail spur

West of England councils back re-opening passenger rail spur
Andrew Forster

The West of England joint transport board has approved plans to restore rail passenger services to a freight-only line north of the city. But many politicians and transport campaigners in Bristol are angry at the... continue

Camden installs ‘stepped track’ cycle lanes & bus stop bypasses
Andrew Forster

The London Borough of Camden is installing what it says are the capital’s first ‘stepped track’ cycle lanes, where the lane is set at a different height from the adjacent footway and carriageway. The lanes... continue

More housing at commuter stations

Major housing developments could be built around commuter rail stations in England, as part of Government plans to tackle the country’s housing shortage.   “Areas around commuter transport hubs offer... continue

Greater Manchester councils plan to share transport services
Andrew Forster

Highways and transport staff in Greater Manchester district councils are to be consulted on plans to move to a shared services model for a range of activities including highways design, transport strategy and traffic... continue

Scheduled buses replace ‘too costly’ North Wales DRT service
Rhodri Clark

A high profile demand responsive bus service focused on a large industrial estate in North Wales will be scrapped and replaced by scheduled services from 1 September. Flintshire County Council is replacing the Deeside... continue

Cameron sets up committee to resolve London airport dilemma
Andrew Forster

Supporters of a third runway at Heathrow Airport received a boost this week as the Prime Minister announced the membership of a cabinet sub-committee to consider where airport expansion should be permitted. Critics of... continue

No grounds to halt Norfolk’s road, lawyer tells green groups
Andrew Forster

Norfolk County Council’s proposed Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR) has cleared a legal hurdle after lawyers told environmental groups there were no grounds to challenge the Government’s decision to approve... continue

It's time to recognise best of the best Cycle Schemes and Initiatives

Examples of cycling best practice and innovation in product and infrastructure design will be celebrated at the Cycle Planning Awards, which will be staged at the Art Deco Walthamstow Assembly Hall. The awards will be... continue

Judging panel get set to choose top Cycle Planning Awards submissions

Respected figures from the world of cycling will decide the winners of the inaugural Cycle Planning Awards. Chair of the panel of judges is Phillip Darnton, executive director of the Bicycle Association. He was also chair of... continue

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Air pollution threat of diesel engine fumes blamed for capital deaths

Air pollution threat of diesel engine fumes blamed for capital deaths

ON 15 JULY London’s Evening Standard claimed that: “Thousands more Londoners are dying early each year because of toxic air… blamed to a large extent on diesel fumes. “Millions of people are having... continue

MEN petitions for Northern Powerhouse

In early July The Manchester Evening News launched an online petition to, in the paper’s words, “get the Manchester-Leeds rail electrification and devolution back on track”. “We want you to join us in... continue

Mayoral hopeful backs third runway at ‘greenest airport’ Heathrow

“We can make a greener, more liveable London and expand Heathrow Airport,” Gareth Thomas, Harrow West MP and a London mayoral candidate for the Labour Party, suggested in The Guardian on 9 July. “London can... continue

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