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Issue 659 - 31 October 2014: News

EU opens door to transport joining emissions trading

pressure to cut transport’s carbon dioxide emissions will be weakened if the sector is placed into the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), environmental groups are warning.  Transport currently lies outside... continue

Behaviour change lessons profiled

Behaviour change lessons profiled

The significant possibilities of achieving transport benefits by applying ideas from behavioural psychology were revealed at a discussion meeting of the Independent Transport Commission in London last week.  One of the... continue

NAO spells out rail project management priorities for DfT
John W E Helm

The National Audit Office has given the DfT the stamp of approval for managing five major rail infrastructure projects, but also notes that there is considerable scope for improvement. The five major programmes investigated... continue

A13 road funding ‘could be used for rail project’

Funds earmarked for a road improvement in east London could be switched to deliver a rail project in the same area, according to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Daniel Pope, development planning group manager at... continue

TfL’s Crossrail 2 route leaves door ajar for eastern branch

TfL’s Crossrail 2 route leaves door ajar for eastern branch
Andrew Forster

Transport for London and Network Rail have identified a preferred route alignment for Crossrail 2, the project to connect the railways of south-west and north-east London. TfL and NR envisage Crossrail 2 being a regional... continue

Media monitor
Mixed reaction to 'Northern Powerhouse’ high-speed rail plan

Mixed reaction to 'Northern Powerhouse’ high-speed rail plan
Rik Thomas

THE REPORT advocating an ‘HS3’ high-speed rail network in the north of England (p3) was given a huge amount of coverage in the media towards the end of October, despite the fact that, as the BBC’s transport... continue