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Issue 673 - 29 May 2015: News
Street design in new housing estates ‘too restrictive for buses’

Street design in new housing estates ‘too restrictive for buses’

Oxfordshire County Council has criticised the street design in some of the county’s recently-built housing estates, saying the main streets are too narrow and low-speed for efficient bus operations.  “The... continue

Minister rules out default 20mph for Scotland’s restricted roads

Scotland’s transport minister Derek Mackay ruled out changing the default speed limit on restricted roads from 30 to 20mph during a presentation of the Scottish Government’s transport policies in Glasgow last... continue

Welsh councils vent frustration at local transport grant regime

The cost of some local transport schemes in Wales is being inflated by up to 15% because the Welsh Government does not allocate grants for more than one year at a time, according to council officers. In practice, councils... continue

Highways England commissions new traffic models

Highways England is procuring five new regional traffic models and collecting anonymised mobile phone data of travellers on the network to inform modelling work. Officials are currently assessing bids from consultants for... continue

Buses Bill paves the way for franchised networks

A Buses Bill giving combined authorities with elected mayors the power to franchise services, was announced in the Queen’s Speech this week. The Bill will “provide the option for combined authority areas with... continue

Dorset given legal green light to re-open road at risk of landslips
Andrew Forster

Dorset County Council is to re-open a busy road closed last April because of a landslide risk after legal advice that the council will not be liable if a fatal accident occurs.  Dorset closed the C13 through the village... continue

Media monitor

Guardian criticises Treasury for ‘growth at all costs’ transport policies
Rik Thomas

On 24 May The Guardian’s political correspondent, Juliette Jowit, was strongly critical of what she deemed to be the Treasury’s excessive power within government. “Critics denounce its often secretive and... continue

Airport expansion debate shifts to Gatwick, as Paxman wades in on HS2

Despite the predominantly pro-Heathrow media coverage in the immediate aftermath of the General Election, the tide appeared to be starting to turn towards Gatwick in mid-May. The Times, on 15 May, for example, described what... continue

Transport noise pollution link to obesity catches media attention

The rarely mentioned subject of transport-related noise pollution suddenly, and rather unexpectedly, caught the attention of the mainstream media on 26 May. Indeed, The Daily Telegraph’s front page lead story on that... continue