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Issue 660 - 14 November 2014: News
Birmingham studies feasibility of demolishing 1960s A road

Birmingham studies feasibility of demolishing 1960s A road

One of Birmingham’s biggest pieces of 1960s road infrastructure could be demolished under plans unveiled by the city council this week.  The A38 connects the Aston Expressway in north-east Birmingham with the... continue

Government will back bus QCs for Gtr Manchester in return for elected mayor
Andrew Forster

an elected mayor of Greater Manchester could be handed the power to franchise bus services under a groundbreaking agreement struck between the Chancellor, George Osborne, and leaders of the conurbation’s metropolitan... continue

Bedford completes cycle-friendly roundabout

A new roundabout design in Bedford is improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians without any discernible impact on traffic queues, according to the borough council.  Controversy hampered the delivery of the... continue

Media monitor

Media urges quick decision on airport expansion proposals
Rik Thomas

THE DAVIES Commission’s latest missive on the possibilities for the expansion of airport capacity in the South-East of England generated a heated editorial in London’s Evening Standard paper. “By setting... continue

Manchester portrayed as model for regional devolution for English cities

“Big transport infrastructure projects tend to follow the same narrative as an episode of Grand Designs,” The Guardian reported on 3 November. “And so ambitious public transport schemes seem to come in way... continue

Road building programme receives mixed reviews in the papers

“David Cameron will today embrace what Margaret Thatcher called ‘the great car economy’ as he unveils plans for the biggest road building programme for more than half a century,” The Daily Mail... continue