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Issue 670 - 17 April 2015: News
Parties won’t commit to honour Airport Commission’s advice

Parties won’t commit to honour Airport Commission’s advice

None of Britain’s political parties have pledged to honour the forthcoming recommendations of the Airports Commission, which the coalition Government established to advise on whether and where new airport capacity... continue

New services launched on Luton busway as extra stops explored
Andrew Forster

Additional services have been introduced on the Luton busway and extra bus stops are being explored in moves that could bring passenger numbers closer to the project’s original forecast. The busway connecting Houghton... continue

Senior Traffic Commissioner sets out her expectations for local bus services
Andrew Forster

New statutory guidance on local bus services published by Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell explains the standards of service that the Traffic Commissioners expect operators to provide and outlines conditions in... continue

Deliver bus QCs and revive tram, advisers tells Liverpool’s mayor
Andrew Forster

Liverpool should embrace bus Quality Contracts and consider reviving plans for a tram system, according to an environmental commission established by the city’s directly elected mayor, Joe Anderson.  Anderson has... continue

TfL trials Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Transport for London has revealed details of a proposed trial of intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) technology on more than 30 buses in the capital.  ISA relies on a digital map of speed limits held within the vehicle... continue

Supreme Court hears UK air pollution wrangle

The Supreme Court this week heard a case against the UK Government over its failure to meet legal limits for air pollution.  The case, brought by ClientEarth, concerns 16 parts of the country for which the Government... continue

News Analysis
Green Party manifesto: Billions into walking and cycling at the expense of roads and HS2

Green Party manifesto: Billions into walking and cycling at the expense of roads and HS2

The Greens would axe HS2 and England’s major roads programme, ploughing funding into walking, cycling and more local public transport instead.  The party proposes spending  £1.8bn a year on walking and... continue

Labour Party manifesto: More state influence over buses and trains, and a ‘swift’ airports decision

Bus franchising could be implemented across many English towns and cities under Labour. “City and county regions will be given more power over the way buses are operated in their area. They will be able to decide... continue

Liberal Democrat manifesto: A Green Transport Act and a bus policy review

The Liberal Democrats’ manifesto is brimming with ideas for transport, many with a strong environmental theme. A Green Transport Act is promised, which would include: A statutory target of 2030 by which time all... continue

Conservative manifesto: Transport the driver for a stronger economy

The link between transport and the economy is arguably the dominant theme in the first two chapters of the Conservatives’ manifesto. Chapter one, titled ‘A strong economy to help you and your family’, says... continue

UKIP manifesto: Axe HS2, restrict speed cameras, oppose road tolls

UKIP would scrap HS2 and restrict the use of speed cameras and abolish parking charges at hospitals in England. The party says HS2 is a “vanity scheme” and an “unaffordable white elephant”. Speed... continue

Media monitor
TV profiles ‘child courts’ for speeders

TV profiles ‘child courts’ for speeders
Rik Thomas

On 8 April the BBC’s One Show devoted almost ten minutes of coverage to what it termed “child courts” that have been established at a Liverpool school, in which a panel of children interrogate drivers... continue

Tory rail fare freeze pledge makes media headlines

Once the various manifestos of the major political parties were due to be published only one transport issue dominated the media coverage – rail fares. The Daily Telegraph, for example, gave the current transport... continue