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Issue 675 - 26 June 2015: News
Transport planners submit their ‘agenda for change’ to ministers

Transport planners submit their ‘agenda for change’ to ministers
Andrew Forster

Transport planners this week wrote to transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, setting out their priorities for the new majority Conservative administration. Key recommendations in the Transport Planning Society’s... continue

Islington partners with Ford on parking telematics trial

The London Borough of Islington is working with vehicle manufacturer Ford on a telematics trial designed to take the confusion out of parking rules and help drivers find a space.  Residents who have a resident parking... continue

Hendy quits TfL to restore order at Network Rail

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin this week  appointed London transport commissioner Sir Peter Hendy to chair Network Rail and sort out the organisation’s troubled investment programme, which is beset with... continue

McLoughlin shunts major rail electrification plans into sidings
Andrew Forster

Major rail enhancements across the country could be postponed or scrapped altogether in a review of Network Rail’s troubled investment programme ordered by the Government this week.  The review, to be led by new... continue

Buses are the poor relation of rail in Wales, says industry body
Rhodri Clark

Passenger journeys on Welsh buses reached a record low in 2013/14, according to industry body CPT Cymru.  The long-term decline in bus patronage was temporarily reversed when Wales’ free travel scheme for retired... continue

Councillors reject officer advice and demand more 20mph limits
Andrew Forster

Councillors in the London Borough of Wandsworth seem likely to overrule officers next week and authorise a roll-out of 20mph limits across large parts of the borough. Wandsworth consulted in March on introducing 20mph limits... continue

Network Rail study ‘underplayed case for Devon rail re-opening’
Andrew Forster

Network Rail’s study of creating a second rail route into Devon was far too limited in its scope, according to a new report commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). The 58-mile... continue

Bucks highways team too small to do its job, says consultant
Andrew Forster

Consultants have urged Buckinghamshire County Council to strengthen its team of officers who deal with the highways implications of new developments, saying the current  team is too stretched.  “Other local... continue

Highway collaboration options listed as island council pulls out
Andrew Forster

Councils in northern Scotland have identified a range of road activities in which they could collaborate under Scotland’s Roads Collaboration Programme (RCP), but Shetland Isles Council has withdrawn from the... continue

Edinburgh explores extending tram route into north of the city
Andrew Forster

The City of Edinburgh Council is exploring how to raise funds to extend its tram line into the north of the city.  The city’s first tram line opened last May, connecting Edinburgh Airport and York Place in the... continue

Media monitor
Cyclists wearing headcams “are vigilantes in Lycra”, says Daily Mail

Cyclists wearing headcams “are vigilantes in Lycra”, says Daily Mail
Rik Thomas

Two very different views on how cyclists should behave on our roads, and how other road users should behave towards them, appeared in the media in mid-June. One, rather trenchant, view was put forward by Daily Mail columnist... continue

Heathrow expansion becomes ‘defining issue’ locally and nationally

With the final report of the Davies Commission on airport expansion in the South East of England due within a few weeks, speculation on what will happen once the report is published has become rife in the mainstream media.... continue