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Issue 656 - 19 September 2014: News

£2.8m to prepare Somerset for new nuclear power station

TRANSPORT LINKS in Bridgwater and Taunton are to be upgraded with funding from the Department for Transport to ensure that adequate infrastructure is in place before the construction of the UK’s first nuclear power... continue

TfL expands ‘Click and Connect’ service

TfL expands ‘Click and Connect’ service

Transport for London has announced that it is to extend its ‘Click and Collect’ service, where customers buying goods online can arrange to pick them up from secure lockers at designated Tube stops, to an... continue

Bristol’s BRT awarded £34m DfT funding

Bristol’s BRT awarded £34m DfT funding
by Rik Thomas

The Department for Transport has announced that it is to provide £34m of funding to build the first phase of the Bristol ‘Metrobus’ bus rapid transit (BRT) network. The funding for the BRT scheme will... continue

EU offers €11.9bn funding to improve transport corridors

The European Commission has announced that European Union member states have until 26 February 2015 to propose projects to take advantage of the €11.9bn of EU funding that is being made available to improve transport... continue

Rail fair freeze to continue into General Election year

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has confounded widespread media speculation that regulated rail fares would rise by 3.5% from January 2015 (an election year) by extending the fare freeze for another 12 months. The... continue

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Labour MP uses Guardian to suggest ban on car ownership

Labour MP uses Guardian to suggest ban on car ownership

ON 12 SEPTEMBER Labour MP Alan Whitehead used a column in The Guardian to suggest a somewhat innovative idea. “It may be too fanciful an idea, but how about banning car ownership?” he asked rhetorically.... continue

“Backlash” against London cycling plans suggested

“The mayor’s grand plan… for a ‘Crossrail for bikes’ is at a political crossroads,” the BBC’s transport correspondent for London, Tom Edwards, informed readers of the... continue