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675 - 26 June 2015: News
Local Transport Today
News extra
Jonathan Bray
Andrew Forster
‘Capital rich, revenue poor’  is an increasingly apt description of the transport funding situation councils in England find... continue
Local Transport Today
Media monitor
London`s Evening Standard on 22 June
Rik Thomas
Two very different views on how cyclists should behave on our roads, and how other road users should behave towards them, appeared in the media in... continue
Categories: Cycling, Greater London
Local Transport Today
Media monitor
With the final report of the Davies Commission on airport expansion in the South East of England due within a few weeks, speculation on what will... continue
Local Transport Today
Martin Richards
Geoff Dudley
For many years, transport planning as a profession lacked a qualification that could provide it with an identity in its own right. In this respect,... continue
Local Transport Today
Regular feature
Andrew Jones, minister for roads, voiced his concern about the capacity to deliver the capital programme envisaged by the Government
Lee Baker
The Future Highways 2015 conference was, despite an opening address emphasising that “austerity is here to stay,” surprisingly upbeat and... continue