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652 - 25 July 2014: News
Local Transport Today
Regular feature
Andrew Forster
Fully automated vehicles may still be decades away but there is a huge amount of interest today in automated technologies and their implications for... continue
Local Transport Today
Sub story to regular feature
The Docklands Light Railway is already driverless; Tube lines and even buses could be one day too
Automated technology will transform many, but not all, forms of public transport, believes Begg.  Train drivers will continue to be needed on... continue
Local Transport Today
Media monitor
Copenhagen’s new  cycling infrastructure has been designed to keep everybody – even motorists – happy, says Sandra Hoj
Rik Thomas
ON 11 JULY the Greener Journeys public transport lobby group took the somewhat unusual step of taking out a paid ‘advertisement feature’... continue
Local Transport Today
Media monitor
­Many commentators believe smart phones and other gadgets have replaced cars as the status symbol for the young but The Times’ weekend... continue