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Issue 664 - 23 January 2015: Features

New highways mission for Steve Kent
Gerard Dugdill

Steve Kent, former road construction project leader, county engineer, head of transport, director of environment and president of professional association Adept, has taken a new step on his highways sector professional... continue

O’Neill masterminds SYSTRA’s high-speed plan for UK growth

One of the best-known names in UK transport planning consultancy bit the dust 12 months ago when the French SYSTRA Group combined the MVA Consultancy, which it has owned since 1993, with its UK rail engineering activities to... continue

No regrets: Nottingham backs benefits of pioneering workplace parking levy

When Nottingham’s workplace parking levy (WPL) was launched in April 2012 it had a good many detractors among the city’s business community. Firms complained that the scheme would erode their profit margins and... continue

Media monitor
Private train operating companies praised but Network Rail slated in The Telegraph

Private train operating companies praised but Network Rail slated in The Telegraph

THERE HAS been much media commentary of late suggesting that the nation’s rail network would be improved if it were completely renationalised. A somewhat different view was espoused in The Daily Telegraph on 13 January, however, when journalist Adrian Quine suggested that the railways would benefit from more privatisation, not less. “While the actual operating companies generally do a pretty good job in terms of keeping the trains... continue

2014 temperature ‘record’ puts climate change back in the spotlight

“The year 2014 – after shattering temperatures records that had stood for hundreds of years across virtually all of Europe, and roasting parts of South America, China and Russia – was the hottest on... continue

HS2 hearing enlivened by nine-year old

The appearance before the select committee hearing evidence on the proposed HS2 high-speed rail network of a nine-year old boy prodded some papers’ political commentators into action on 13 January. “It seems... continue