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Issue 668 - 20 March 2015: Features
How will driverless cars integrate into the world of human beings?

How will driverless cars integrate into the world of human beings?
Rik Thomas

The Government is currently trialing ‘driverless car’ technology in three projects in Bristol, Coventry/Milton Keynes and the London borough of Greenwich, but the most interesting aspect of the trials is the fact that it is not the technology itself that is the main focus. “It is all about perception and acceptance,” says Iwan Parry, project manager of the GATEway trial in Greenwich being led by TRL. “It is not... continue

DfT embraces scenario-based road traffic forecasts for uncertain world

Road traffic volumes in England are forecast to grow by between 19 and 55% between 2010 and 2040, according to the DfT’s new national road traffic forecasts. Their release comes amid continuing criticism from within... continue

No evidence that car travel has reached a peak
Amanda Rowlatt, chief economist, Department for Transport

At the end of last year the Government announced the biggest upgrade to roads in a generation. The Road Investment Strategy set out a 30-year vision for a smoother, smarter and more sustainable network, and included a... continue

Media monitor

Branson and Prescott clash over alleged ‘horrors’ of rail franchise ownership
Rik Thomas

On the day that a consortium of Virgin Trains and Stagecoach took over the running of the East Coast Main Line from the Government, The Telegraph’s assistant business editor, Ben Marlow, interviewed Virgin founder Sir... continue

Standard berates mayor over ‘toxic’ air

On 5 March London’s Evening Standard announced on its front page (pictured below) that: “London’s pollution shame was today laid bare by shocking new figures revealing that its citizens are breathing the... continue

Cambridge debates 20mph speed limits

20mph speed limits were front page news in Cambridge last week as the 20’s Plenty conference took place in the city. “Cambridge is often the centre of polarised debate, and so it is with the proposed widening of... continue

Independent comes down against new ‘misguided’ car parking guidance

After describing Eric Pickles, the secretary of state for communities and local government, as “politically astute”, an editorial in The Independent on 7 March added that: “Given the disproportionate scale... continue