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Issue 670 - 17 April 2015: Features
Mini-Holland plan seeks to change how residents view their streets

Mini-Holland plan seeks to change how residents view their streets
Deniz Huseyin

An ambitious programme is underway to make the London Borough of Waltham Forest, in the north-east of the capital, a better place for cyclists and pedestrians. The council was one of three outer London boroughs to win ‘Mini-Holland’ funding last year from London mayor Boris Johnson to encourage more people to cycle by making routes safer while also providing better streets for pedestrians.  Waltham Forest received £27m,... continue

Media monitor
TV profiles ‘child courts’ for speeders

TV profiles ‘child courts’ for speeders
Rik Thomas

On 8 April the BBC’s One Show devoted almost ten minutes of coverage to what it termed “child courts” that have been established at a Liverpool school, in which a panel of children interrogate drivers caught travelling at more than the 20mph speed limit outside the school. Presenter, Paralympic athlete Ade Adepitan, began the segment by sheepishly confessing that he had been caught by a speed camera a few months previously. He... continue

Tory rail fare freeze pledge makes media headlines

Once the various manifestos of the major political parties were due to be published only one transport issue dominated the media coverage – rail fares. The Daily Telegraph, for example, gave the current transport... continue