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Issue 654 - 22 August 2014: Features
Investing to make town centres the destinations of choice again

Investing to make town centres the destinations of choice again
Andrew Forster

Take a walk along any one of hundreds of UK high streets and the vacant units, multitude of charity shops and row of bookmakers tell their own story. Town centres are in trouble. It’s a depressing economic picture and one with serious transport implications too. Households without a car find their choice of shops and services restricted, bus networks become less viable, and walking and cycling activity levels fall. Politicians have... continue

Evaluating road safety schemes: new method raises a new puzzle
Andrew Forster

If road safety measures are installed at sites chosen because of their accident (or casualty) record, evaluating their effectiveness isn’t as straightforward as it may at first seem. As well as having to consider the... continue

Four Time Period method praised

The four time period method for road safety evaluation can offer a much more straightforward method of evaluating road safety measures than statistical modelling, according to Newcastle University academics Neil Thorpe and... continue

Media monitor
Diesel debate heats up as Sun calls for ‘scrappage-style scheme’

Diesel debate heats up as Sun calls for ‘scrappage-style scheme’
Rik Thomas

THE UNCERTAIN future for the owners of diesel-fuelled vehicles, highlighted by Daily Telegraph environment correspondent Geoffrey Lean (LTT 8 Aug), has been taken up with considerable vehemence by several other papers. Most prominent was The Sun which, on 7 August, ran the front page headline “Diesel weasels” to launch a campaign on behalf of diesel car drivers. “The Sun today demands compensation for millions of drivers... continue

Northern transport plan criticised for ignoring inequality

The One North transport plan for a 125mph east-west railway (LTT 8 Aug) was strongly criticised in The Guardian on 6 August. “As a proud resident of the north of England, I am not lacking in visions of how life here... continue