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Issue 658 - 17 October 2014: Features
The road to a low carbon future

The road to a low carbon future
John Whitelegg

The Climate Change Act requires “at least” an 80% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions by 2050 on a 1990 base. The transport sector is not on target to deliver anything like a proportionate contribution to this overall target and we are now facing the prospect of transport emissions swamping the progress made in other sectors of the economy. Transport rhetoric and decision-taking in the UK is still embedded in a 1960s mindset that... continue

Crunch time for Nexus bus QC
Andrew Forster

The report on Tyne and Wear bus policy going to next week’s meeting of the North East Combined Authority runs to more than 900 pages, surely making it one of the longest council transport reports of recent times. The... continue

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Papers ask why UK state-owned rail firm can’t compete with foreign rivals

Papers ask why UK state-owned rail firm can’t compete with foreign rivals
Rik Thomas

ON 9 OCTOBER The Scottish Daily Record editorialised on the decision by the Scottish Government to award the ScotRail franchise to Abellio (p10). “No one will miss the irony of the Scottish Government handing a £6bn contract to run Scotland’s railways to a state-owned arm of the Dutch Government,” the paper began. “It seems they know how to run a railway in the Netherlands but we cannot trust ourselves to do so in... continue

Accusations of skullduggery start to fly as war of words over cycle superhighways heats up

THE BATTLE over whether or not London should build a pair of ‘cycle superhighways’, or not, continued to become increasingly fractious in early October (‘London’s cycle ‘superhighway’... continue