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Issue 651 - 11 July 2014: Features
Tube, DLR, trams or Overground: how to boost south east London rail access?

Tube, DLR, trams or Overground: how to boost south east London rail access?
Andrew Forster

Discussions of rail developments in the capital often focus on the mega projects such as the Thameslink upgrade, east-west Crossrail, and the proposed Crossrail 2, connecting lines in the south-west and north-east. But studies are also underway on how to improve rail access to south-east London, with no fewer than four types of rail-based scheme being explored: traditional heavy rail; Underground; Docklands Light Railway (DLR); and... continue

Same but different? Councils and DfT set visions for North’s railways
Andrew Forster

A vigorous debate is underway about the future of the north of England’s railways. The Chancellor last month called for a high-speed railway between Manchester and Leeds – which he has since dubbed High Speed 3... continue

Seeing is believing: making data more accessible to the public
Rik Thomas

Just in case anybody was in any doubt, the era of ‘big data’ is most definitely here, and here to stay. “Eighteen months ago a lot of the data we wanted was either so raw that we needed to put in a lot of... continue

Media monitor

Business, media and voter backlash against state-run rail plans predicted
Rik Thomas

ON 5 JULY The Daily Telegraph editorialised on plans allegedly being drawn up by the Labour Party to allow a state-owned body to compete against privately-owned companies when rail network operating franchises come up for... continue

Time to back HS2, come what may?

ON 30 JUNE, former Independent editor Chris Blackhurst, despite being a longstanding opponent of the proposed HS2 high-speed rail network, appeared to throw in the towel and give up fighting against the scheme. “When... continue

Tour enthusiasm explained by Yorkshire cycling boom

DESCRIBING THE start of the latest Tour de France in the hitherto unknown French ‘department’ of Yorkshire, The Northern Echo newspaper waxed lyrical both on the success of the event itself and on what this said... continue