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Time for 20mph

Time for 20mph

20's Plenty for Us National Conference

18 Feb 2014
** Last chance to book **

The 5th 20mph conference focuses on how to roll out 20mph limits. 

Includes presentations, expert cases studies and workshops of implementations to improve the public realm, create healthy lifestyles, promote everyday exercise and reduce casualties. Learn the lessons from leading authorities, of how to get it right.

It’s “Time for 20” with many places around the UK now choosing over 90% of roads to go 20mph. It’s time to modernise signage rules to help the transition to 20mph limits cost effectively. 

Signing exceptions to 20mph makes sense since 20mph is becoming the new default urban and residential limit. This would cuts costs by 50%.

Who should attend?

  • Public health officers
  • Highways officers
  • Transport planners
  • Local councillors 
  • Key service providers
  • Police 
  • Campaigners

Rod King, Campaign Director of 20’s Plenty for Us said:-

“We now have some of the largest local authorities and most iconic cities setting 20mph limits for most urban and residential roads. With 20% of the population now living in such 20mph places, it’s time to recognise we are transitioning to a new urban realm where 20’s plenty. This conference looks at current best practice and considers how to move towards a planned national adoption of a 20mph limit for most residential and urban roads.”

Presentations include:

  • National policy on 20mph limits, a pre-recorded interview with Rod King, Founder 20’s Plenty for Us
    Robert Goodwill - Under Secretary of State for Transport

  • How traffic signage regulation changes will affect the need for repeater signs
    Graham Hanson, Head of traffic signs policy, DfT

  • Total 20 for Camden – implementation of 20mph in an inner London borough
    Cllr. Phil Jones, London Borough of Camden

  • The views of the Local Authority Technical Advisers Group on ‘Time for 20’
    Iain Simmons, Head of Transportation for City of London, Chair of Group 1, London Technical Advisors Group

  • Time for 20 to anticipate move to 20mph national limit and transition
    Rod King MBE, Founder and Campaign Director, 20’s Plenty for Us

  • The Wider European perspective
    Luana Bidasca, Policy Officer, European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), Author of the Speed Monitor

  • The impacts of 20mph on Public Health
    Dr. Nick Cavill, author of Active Travel Briefing for Public Health England. (invited)

Case Studies include:

  • Implementation in Bath and North East Somerset
    Cllr. Roger Symonds, Bath and North East Somerset Council (invited)

  • Implementation in Cambridge
    Andrew Preston, Project Delivery and Environment Manager, Cambridge City Council

  • The opportunities for community speedwatch programs enhancing 20mph complianc
    Allan Freinkel, CEO, Startraq 

Download the programme

Workshops include:

  • Stakeholder and Public Engagement
    Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager, 20’s Plenty for Us

  • Child’s Play
    Alice Ferguson, Managing Director, Playing Out

  • Delivering 20mph in London
    Jeremy Leach, London Campaign Coordinator, 20’s Plenty for Us

*Includes the presentation of 20’s Plenty for Us campaigner of the year award!

Delegate Rates 

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Private Sector Additional Delegates £125+ VAT
Public Sector First Delegate £125 + VAT £225 + VAT
Public Sector Additional Delegates £125 + VAT


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