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London governance "redundant," say Conservatives seeking travel-to-work area authority

Read the latest: Conservatives in London say in a new report that the current devolution powers for London are now "redundant" given its growing population, likely to... continued


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Just added : Last updated 7 hours ago
26 January
Lee Baker Conservatives in London say in a new report that the current devolution powers for London are now "redundant" given its...
26 January
Norman Baker I am delighted to have been asked to contribute to this guide and to speak at Smarter Travel on the subject of the Local...
25 January
Lee Baker Driverless cars should prompt a review of proposals to expand road capacity or public transport, according to a new...
23 January
Andrew Forster Transport for Greater Manchester wants to take over the management of all the conurbation’s rail stations –...
23 January
The DfT has launched a review of England’s bus market outside London as more parts of the country express interest in...
23 January
The London Borough of Camden plans to implement ‘stepped track’ cycleways on some streets in the West End,...
23 January
One of the best-known names in UK transport planning consultancy bit the dust 12 months ago when the French SYSTRA Group...
23 January
THERE HAS been much media commentary of late suggesting that the nation’s rail network would be improved if it were...
21 January
Lee Baker A backbench Lib Dem rebellion has been launched to require a walking and cycling investment plan alongside the Government's...
21 January
Lee Baker The Bristol MetroBus scheme is to receive £27m grant from the DfT to extend the scheme including with a further three...
20 January
Lee Baker Over the past decade the gap between London and other UK cities has grown, underlining the need to devolve powers over...
16 January
Lee Baker MPs on the Commons Public Accounts committee have criticised the DfT for its lack of a strategic transport plan, saying...
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Latest opinion : Last updated 3 days ago
23 January
Gabriele Schliwa, Benjamin Bell, James Evans & Chris Mason
‘Big data’ can provide valuable information for optimising urban transport planning. Several smartphone apps...
23 January
Paul Salveson
There’s a lot going on in the highly-pressurised world of rail franchising. Dutch-owned Abellio is mobilising...
23 January
John Dales
My first column of 2015 brings me back to a subject that is very close to my heart and which, frankly, should be very much...
9 January
Local Transport Today
The tale of Robert the Bruce, sitting in a cave, watching a spider trying to build a web, is the origin of the maxim,...
9 January
Glenn Lyons, University of the West of England
During 2014 I had the great privilege of being seconded to the New Zealand Ministry of Transport to lead a major project...
Latest business : Last updated 3 days ago
23 January
Car hire firm Europcar has bought a majority stake in Ubeeqo, a French start-up specialising in car sharing for...
23 January
Mouchel’s  annual report and accounts for the year ended 30 September 2014 boasts record orders worth...
23 January
John WE Helm
The Office of Rail Regulation has rejected an application from open access operator GNWR to run services on the West Coast...
23 January
The canadian government’s credit agency, Export Development Canada (EDC), is to lend Transport for London £500m...
15 January
US manufacturing group 3M has closed its Global Parking Access and Revenue Control division, stating the business did not...

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Local Transport Today 618 22 March
Sometimes the odd eccentric view emerges to oppose a sensible rail reopening scheme, and if this contributor had done adequate research he would know that the Borders railway... continued

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